2022 F1 rd.7 Monaco GP


今日はがっかりでした。Q1でバリアに接触してしまい左フロントにダメージを受けました。赤旗でガレージに戻ることができましたがパフォーマンスに影響を与えたと思います。 残念ながらピエールの予選を危ういものにしてしまい、彼はQ1を通過できませんでした。今日は2台共Q3に進める可能性があったと思うので本当に残念です。明日2台とも上位に行く為にはウェットコンディションになる事だと思うので、どうなるか様子を見てみましょう。

I’m disappointed with today. I touched the barriers in Q1 and damaged the front left of the car. The red flag allowed us to get back to the garage, however there was still some damage on the car and that impacted my performance I believe. Unfortunately, this also compromised Pierre’s Quali and he was unable to get through Q1 – it’s a real shame as I think both cars had the potential to be in Q3 today. I think our best chances of scoring points tomorrow with both cars is to have a wet race, so let’s see what happens.


It’s been a frustrating day, I didn’t have a good start and was P16 before the red flag, I need to go away and look at what happened there. The pace of the car was ok in the race, we gambled a bit on the Medium tyre for the restart and unfortunately that strategy didn’t pay off today.