2023 F1 rd.19 US GP

角田裕毅 コメント
スプリント 予選19位 / 決勝14位


I wasn’t able to do a second push lap in SQ1 because the chequered flag came just before I crossed the line. It’s frustrating because the opportunity to get to SQ2 was lost. Our car felt good, and the potential was there, so it’s a shame. The pace in today’s Sprint race was good, I overtook some cars and enjoyed it out there. Most importantly, we learned a lot about our long-run pace and have a lot of information to prepare for tomorrow, so tonight will be about fine-tuning our package. We’re starting towards the top ten for the race, and if we continue this pace into tomorrow, points are possible.


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決勝 予選11位 / 決勝8位


It was a good race for me and I’m happy. To score points here three times in a row is amazing, especially in front of the Austin fans. A great job and congratulations to the team. Everyone back at the factory, in Faenza and Bicester, and trackside, are working very hard, and it’s nice to see that the upgrades they deliver seem to be working well, and we’re closing the gap to fight for P10. We got slightly lucky with Fernando (Alonso) in the end, but we maximised the performance because if we weren’t driving there, we wouldn’t have been able to benefit and score points. At first, I got a heart attack when the team called me in to box, because I thought there was an issue, but they told me we were going for the fastest lap on the soft tyre. It was my first experience going for the fastest lap in the final lap of the race, and I really enjoyed it, it was thrilling. Now we’ll refocus and continue to carry this momentum into the final races of this season.